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Why I Love LipSense

Ever have your lipstick leave a big, red smear on your coffee mug or accidentally end up on your teeth? There’s LipSense for that.

What I love most about LipSense is that you don’t have to worry about your lip color smudging or budging while you eat, drink, kiss, swim, talk, and go about your day (lasts anywhere from 4-18 hours). It’s seriously amazing! I have to admit, long ago I was skeptical of the staying power. The first time I applied LipSense, however, it completely sealed the deal. I was blown away and couldn’t wait to order my second color after the first time I wore it. And now – nearly 2 years later – LipSense is still my one, true lip color love. 

SunStone LipSense

Not only is LipSense extremely functional  (it’s practically magic 😉 ), it’s also super fun to apply! Because of its unique, anti-smudging feature, LipSense is applied in 3 thin layers of color and sealed with moisturizing SeneGence gloss. The 3 layers allows for you to create personal lip colors by combining different colors together (you can even pre-mix colors due to its consistency). The sky’s the limit on possible lip color combinations especially topped with all the beautiful glosses. There are so many colors to choose from – pale pinks, to neutrals, to glittery shades, to the perfect red – LipSense has it all. 

I also love that LipSense protects your lips from the sun via its mechanical shield. Simply put, LipSense is a life-changer! If you’re interested in buying LipSense or have any questions about it, email me anytime at I offer free shipping on all orders and would love to help you find the perfect shade for you!

Mirage LipSense

Check out the magic of LipSense in action here:

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