Home Trend Alert: Feather Pendant Lights

Feather pendant lights are totally on trend right now. They bring a modern, whimsical, and airy look to any room. A week ago Danny and I replaced the chandelier in our bedroom with the Umage Eos Large Rose Pink feather shade. I’m literally obsessed! The pale pink color is on point, and it’s super light-weight. Our old chandelier (keep scrolling to see it) just wasn’t meshing with the modern style of our room anymore and was heavy. 

I managed to get the very last large-sized pink shade from a really neat UK boutique through a website called Trouva – it even came faster than it estimated. I am extremely pleased with it! In order to hang it, we bought the canopy hang kit in white from Build.com and then added an LED lightbulb. As with feather lights, it does provide a soft light, so if you’re looking for a bright light, you may want to steer toward a different look. 

Umage (pronounced OO-MAY) is an enviornmentally-friendly Danish design brand that features light fixtures like mine which are made out of goose feathers as well as all sorts of beautiful Scandinavian-style pieces

Umage Eos Large Rose Pink

The perfect light fixture can bring such beauty to a space without cluttering it – and this is what this ones does. I just love the pop of blush and modern coziness it brings to our space. It’s definitely my favorite light fixture!  

While searching for this feather light, I came across all sorts of other variations – pendants, freestanding, etc. I linked them below for you. If you have any questions about my light or anything, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me directly.

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Umage Eos Large Rose Pink

Bed | Rug | Sheets/Duvet Cover | Pink Light Fixture (pictured in large) | Nightstand Lamps

Umage Eos Large Rose Pink


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