The Top 10 Reasons Why I Think Being a SeneGence Independent Distributor is the Best Side Hustle

  1. Sharing products that make girls feel prettier than they already are. Everyone is created in their own beautiful way. I love how makeup enhances natural beauty and more importantly the boost of self esteem it provides. And I absolutely love sharing the innovative and amazing makeup and skincare products SeneGence has to offer.
  2. Making the dream of a business into a reality. I have always had the dream of having my own business, but never thought that it would ever be possible. Thanks to SeneGence, I have been able to start my own business and have been having an absolute blast! I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who has purchased from me. Supporting small businesses really does support big dreams.
  3. The product. LipSense, ShadowSense, and the SeneGence skincare products sell themselves. Ever since I tried LipSense, I was addicted and was so excited to find out that I could share it with others. Nothing better than a business that involves playing with makeup 😉
  4. Flexibility. Being a SeneGence independent distributor provides you the ability to run your business from the comfort of your home and through social media. It’s the perfect side hustle to work on at night after your full-time job, a fun hobby for the weekend, or something you could devote as much time as you’d like. I love computers and selling completely online. However, if you love in-person sales, you can host in-person parties. Whatever works best for you.
  5. Fun! Can’t beat sharing beautiful makeup and skincare with girls. Makeup is a form of art, and I love constantly perfecting mine. I am having a blast expanding my business. Growing a business requires creativity and tenacity, which I love!
  6. You are in control. You can control how little or how much time and effort you put into your business. If you love live videos, you can do as many as you want! If you’re more camera shy, you can focus your business towards positively impacting people through posts and pictures. It’s all up to you!
  7. Inexpensive start-up fee. As they say, ‘it takes money to make money.’ Every business requires an investment, but starting with SeneGence won’t break the bank. Signing up as a distributor is only $55 annually. Then you automatically save 20-50% off products based on how much you purchase – hitting the 50% is easily achievable with each of your order. Not to mention, there are no monthly minimums. The low start-up cost allows you to start making money right away.
  8. Personal growth. Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but have been afraid – afraid that you can’t, afraid of selling, or afraid of speaking in front of people? Joining SeneGence provides the perfect opportunity to allow yourself to grow and try new things. I never thought that I would ever do a live video before! And just like anything that requires practice, the more you do, the easier it becomes.
  9. Connecting with women. Not only do you connect with your customers, but you connect with the group of girls on your team. I love the team I am a part of! Such amazing girls on it! You can use your business as a way to inspire those following it.
  10. The ability to make extra money. Being a SeneGence independent distributor allows you to take your hobby and receive compensation from it!
If you have any questions or are contemplating joining SeneGence as an independent distributor, please feel free to message me! I would LOVE to help you and be honored to have you join my team. Here is the link to join my team.

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