SeneGence Kiss & Tell

Really exciting news! I now have a direct online store where you can order ANY available SeneGence product (LipSense, ShadowSense, foundation, skincare, etc) anytime that you’d like! The products will be sent directly to you from SeneGence, and you no longer have to pre-order through me as I’m phasing out my PayPal invoicing system. I’m SUPER excited about it because you don’t have to wait until I get something in stock.
And the best part is …
SeneGence just released a new customer membership program called Kiss & Tell which:
  • Lets you save 10% off all of your orders ??
  • Earn Kiss Kredits for future purchases ?
  • And get free shipping over $100+ orders ?
  • AND for the remaining of this month (November 2020), you can join Kiss & Tell for $0 and get your first year of the membership for free! (If you join in December, it’s just $10 a year.)
  • Even if you don’t join Kiss & Tell, you can still order through my site!
  •  If it asks at checkout, please enter my Distributor ID: 510410
  • If you have any questions, reach out to me anytime!

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