Rug and Room Refresh

Adding a new rug to any space is such a simple way to give your area a whole new look! You can totally redefine a space by adding a rug with a new color or bold style. Or simply add a subtle runner to protect your floor from foot traffic. Rugs provide warmth, comfort, and dimension to your space. Rugs are fun to experiment with because they’re not permanent and not as expensive as furniture – making for the perfect opportunity for adding in that bold pop of color or design into your home decor.

My new entry rug.

In one of my recent podcast episodes, I told how I was in the process of finding the perfect entry rug. I previously had this pink one 😉 , but felt it was the right time to switch things up! I ended up going with the modern, splatter rug that I mentioned and absolutely love it! I chose a larger size to amply cover the area since it’s a high-traffic area of the house. The dark grey matches our hardwood floor, the light grey plays off of the carpet on the stairs, and the dash of gold brings a splash of color in a modern way. I ordered it from RugsUSA which I love! They seriously have the best prices (I’ve done my research ha!) and fast shipping. I’ve purchased so many rugs from them.


For pets (and children), I would recommend a lower-pile style rug for easier clean-ups. For our living room rug, we have this one with this plush, waterproof pad underneath. The pad provides added comfort and protects the floor from any accidental spills. And for removing spills on rugs, I LOVE this spray. It’s natural, safe, and works like magic. 

I would recommend neutral and subtle rugs for rooms with patterned furniture. However, if your furniture and room is more uniform, a bold rug design can totally bring an extra pop.

Rug Recs

I compiled some rug inspiration with the popular styles that are trending right now. I’m totally loving the modern styles:

And take a listen to my podcast episode here – it’s about getting your house ready for Spring. I talk about the rug starting at 1:24:

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