Room Tour: 6 Simple Neutral Bedroom Decorating Tips

With Spring around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share my neutral bedroom decorating tips and finally give you a tour of our room. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since Danny and I bought our new house. Easy day to remember because we closed on Tuesday, 2/22/22 😉 Crazy how fast the time has gone by! It’s been so fun (and a lot of work, NGL) to get the house all set up. One of my favorite places in the house is our room.

We went with a peaceful, minimal, and neutral feel for the room. Here are my 6 simple tips for neutral bedroom decorating.

Neutral Bedroom Decorating Tips

  1. Calm colors: Color plays a huge role in the feel of a room. Lighter and neutral colors make the room feel bigger and more airy. Darker colors can close in a space. Therefore, for smaller rooms, I definitely recommend a light, neutral color palette. Neutral colors (whites, creams, beiges, blush, etc.) are less dramatic and more calming. Not just the color of the decor matters, but the color of the duvet, sheets, and furniture all play a role in the look of a room. The light tones are also super easy to coordinate and work well together. I’m all for incorporating your favorite color as an accent in your design, so even if that color is dark, neutral tones can still pair really well and balance it out. Blush pink is my fave color so it works perfectly for me 😉
  2. Mix nature and home: Take advantage of the beauty of surrounding nature in your design. The touch of nature can create a spa-like atmosphere. For instance, we hung these blackout ceiling-to-floor curtains to be able to showcase the coastal oak tree that our room faces. During the day, our room is flooded with natural sunlight or completely dark when the curtains are drawn. You can also bring the nature in. Adding real or faux plants is an easy way to bring a neutral peaceful pop to a room. I researched a lot before I purchased this faux fiddle leaf, and it turned out even better than I expected.
  3. Choose a statement piece: When it comes to neutral bedroom decorating, highlighting one statement piece works best. This prevents the room from being overwhelmed by too many pieces. For ours, I found this gorgeous geometric woven art piece. My advice is to pick a piece of artwork or a furniture piece that you absolutely love. Then make this the focal point and decorate around it. As soon as we saw the piece on West Elm, we knew it was the perfect one. It was well worth the investment because we’ll be enjoying it for years to come. Choose a piece that speaks to your design and stands out. A neutral-colored piece can still stand out due to size, texture, etc. But a bold-colored statement piece can also take center stage in a neutral design as long as it’s not competing against other bold choices.Neutral Bedroom Decorating Tips
  4. Less is more: My philosophy of decorating is that the canvas (walls, floors, ceiling) are just as important to the design as the furniture and decor. In other words, leaving some extra wall space will not only make the room feel larger, but will allow more space for living. With a neutral bedroom design, I lean toward the white walls to let the creams and beiges really pop. We have a huge empty wall in front of our bed that we use with this projector — which we LOVE (video below) — for at-home movie nights and Netflix on the big screen. It’s amazing!
  5. Accent with light: One of my favorite ways to personalize a space is to decorate with light fixtures. For a neutral bedroom, light fixtures in whites, tans, or even black make for a cohesive design. Adding pendant lights above nightstands brings visual appeal to the ceiling and saves space.
  6. Enjoy: My last and most important tip is to find pieces and furniture that make you happy and truly enjoy your room. You deserve to have a room that is your sanctuary. A neutral bedroom is anything but boring and the warm and cozy look will be in style for years and years to come. Even if your dream piece costs more money upfront, you’re bound to end up saving money in the long-run because you won’t be replacing it as quickly as you would something you didn’t like as much.

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