Review: The Good Cop on Netflix

Do you need a new show to binge-watch? Check out The Good Cop on Netflix – it’s my new favorite show! It’s a new mystery show with a comedic twist (rated PG). It’s staring Josh Groban (my favorite singer!!) and Tony Danza. Josh Groban plays the role of a goody-two-shoes detective who is the son of a not-so-by-the-book former NYPD officer Tony Danza. The show is a Netflix original, and the season is made up of ten 45-minute commercial-free episodes. Every episode involves its own murder mystery that you know will end up solved in the end. Even though you can trust that Big Tony and TJ will figure out the mysteries, the twists and turns in the plot-line definitely keep you guessing the whole show! I’m so sad that we already finished the whole season! I really hope that a Season 2 will be in the works! Let me know if you watch the show and what you think.

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