Pink Kitchen Pendant Lights

Changing light fixtures is a fun and non-permanent way to play with color in your home design. I’m beyond excited to say I finally have the perfect touch of pink in our kitchen that I’ve been dreaming of: pink kitchen pendant lights. Finding modern, blush pink pendants is way harder than it sounds 😉  We stumbled upon these ones while browsing for new bathroom fixtures. We instantly knew that we needed to order the pink pendants before they were gone, and we’re so happy that we did. They’re seriously perfect – modern, sleek, and most importantly, pink! We removed our previous glass pendants (pictured below) and installed these in their place. It seriously has given the kitchen a whole new, updated look. I love them! Since lighting is changeable, it’s an easy way to take bigger color risks in your design. What do you think? Let me know if you have any questions.

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