Healthy Food Ideas

Staying at home has really given me the opportunity to try and create new healthy dishes. It’s fun to try to come up with new ways to use up the week’s produce. Thought I would share some of my current favorite easy-to-make, healthy, and yummy dishes. If you have any questions just let me know! 

Here is my healthy take on a Mexican pizza. I just add some light cheese, green onion, and tomatoes onto a tortilla. Toast it in the toaster oven and then top with our favorite salsa on top and some avocado on the side. 

One of my all-time favorites is pasta topped with tons of fresh veggies all tossed in a little bit of olive oil. I finish off the dish with some pepper and a light amount of parmesan cheese. PS The sourdough bread that we get from Farm Fresh to You is AMAZING. 

Recently started cooking egg fried rice, and it’s amazing! Simply sauté your veggies in a big pan, scramble a few eggs, mix together with cooked rice and a tbsp or so of soy sauce and you’re set! 

My favorite: risotto! It’s healthy and so delicious. Check out how I make it here

Fruit and yogurt bowls are my go-to snack! Just add some plain non-fat greek yogurt, add your favorite fruit, and then top with some healthy granola and a light drizzle of honey – it’s so good and super healthy!! 

Homemade guacamole is delicious, easy-to-make, and healthy! Makes for the perfect snack or side dish to your meal. Just combine avocados, tomatoes, onions, and a dash of lime – enjoy! 

Dishes I use and LOVE: 

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