Cocofloss Review: My Favorite Floss

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I’ve been excited to share my Cocofloss review with you. To be honest, flossing isn’t my favorite thing to do. But since flossing is super important for good overall dental hygiene, I did some research to see if there was anything better than the floss that I was using. I wanted to make the most of my time spent flossing. I came across a new type of floss that quickly became my all-time favorite. And believe it or not, it makes me not dread flossing so much 😉 I’ve been using it nonstop since the beginning of the year. This ‘magical’ floss is called Cocofloss

UPDATE: Cocofloss was kind enough to give me a promo code to share with you!

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Why is Cocofloss better?

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s almost like a loofah-like floss for your teeth.

  • Instead of just gliding between your teeth, it has 500+ textured filaments to scrub the sides of your teeth. The texture helps to scrub away plaque and bacteria.
  • What also sets it apart from other floss, is it’s made with safe, natural ingredients. It’s composed of coconut oil (hence the name Cocofloss) to soothe, fruit oils, and vegan wax.
  • Plus, it comes in super fun scents! My go-to is the Delicious Mint, but also love Vanilla. Plus, they have other yummy scents like: Coconut, Strawberry, and even a Halloween set which includes scents like Confetti Cake, Vanilla Bean, and even dark chocolate. The scents are subtle and not overpowering.

Cocofloss is designed in San Mateo, California and made in Italy – so cool! The product started when dentist Dr. Cu and her sister teamed up to devise a way to prevent cavities while motivating people to floss. 

Is Cocofloss worth it?

Although flossing is such an important part of good dental hygiene, it seems like it gets overlooked oftentimes. I’ve been using Cocofloss for months, and really love it. Danny also loves it. It’s all we use now. It’s definitely thicker than the previous floss I was using (comparison picture above), but not too thick to still fit in between my teeth. The first few times of use, it was a little tighter squeeze because my teeth are close together. Now that I’m used to it, it fits between my teeth even easier. I really love how it seems to hug my teeth to remove build-up better than the floss I was previously using. I feel like it cleans my gum line better as well. The natural ingredients, awesome scents, and cute packaging are also huge pros. It costs more than normal floss, but I feel that the benefits outweigh the cost. 

New Products 

Looking for a healthy alternative to candy for trick or treaters? Cocofloss has a Halloween-friendly bundle of minis

Cocoplush threaders just dropped today. They’re dentist-approved and great for feeding floss through tight spots such as with braces, bridges, and implants.  

Cocofloss Review

Overall, I’m a huge fan of Cocofloss! In fact, I’m running low and need to place my next order soon. If you have any questions about it at all, just shoot me an email at or reach out to me here.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Cocofloss directly from their official site here or on Amazon here.

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