Modern Bathroom Makeover

One of my favorite house projects Danny and I have done is giving our master bathroom a more modern makeover. It’s crazy to think that the end of November will mark four years since we moved into our house – it still seems like just yesterday! Over the years, it’s been super fun making the house more customized with all the projects we’ve done. In July 2018, we installed our own marble accent wall in our master bathroom – it had always been a dream of mine and was the first accent wall we had ever done. We spent a long time in Home Depot deciding on just the right marble material to use: we ultimately chose MSI Alaska Gray Ledger Panels. It’s a really novel product (especially back then) because it’s real marble in a peel and stick type format — it was over double the price it is now back when we got it.

As time has gone on, our style has taken on an even more modern flair. We absolutely love our bathroom accent wall, but we both knew that the color scheme wasn’t meshing completely with our modern tones. So one day we came up with the idea to paint it white! I LOVE how it turned out! I love how it still gives an artistic and 3D depth to our space with the marble, but now gives a brighter, bigger, and more modern look with the white color. It’s more uniform and matches our new gold fixtures and hardware. Take a look at how we gave our bathroom a simple, modern makeover:


Grey marble accent wall

The paint we used on the accent wall is called Behr Polar Bear in semi-gloss enamel. It applied SO well. And we managed to squeak out the whole wall with just a quart of paint. Also used this painting set and this roller made specifically for rough surfaces. 

Behr Polar White Paint

Modern Bathroom Makeover: After!

To complete our modern look, we added gold cabinet pulls, gold cabinet knobs, switched out our light fixtures, added the pink hanging plant, added new pink, modern mats, and painted our accent wall white.

Modern Bathroom Makeover
White marble accent wall

Light Fixtures: Young House Love Dapper – 3 light from Shades of Light

 Golden Cabinet Pulls  |   Gold Knobs | Bathroom Mat

It’s amazing how small updates really make a big difference! I’m really excited about it. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! 

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