MagSafe Compatible PopSocket

I’ve been on the lookout for a MagSafe PopSocket ever since Apple surprised everyone with the MagSafe compatibility on their latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Mini models. Currently my traditional PopSocket doesn’t work on my iPhone 12 Pro as it blocks the wireless MagSafe charging, and my PopSocket slide doesn’t fit on the new, streamlined edges of my phone. PopSocket is working on creating MagSafe PopSockets, but those won’t be released until March 2021 or later. UPDATE 5/25: Official MagSafe PopSockets are here

MagSafe PopSocket

MagSafe PopSocket on iPhone 12 Pro

My iPhone Case | MagSafe PopSocket Magnet | PopSocket

In the meantime, I came across the perfect way to make my PopSocket MagSafe compatible – yay! Meet this awesome MagSafe magnet that is made to fit a traditional PopSocket. 

How To Use

  • Simply attach the base of a normal PopSocket to the magnet.
  • Then, just pop on your favorite PopSocket to the base, and you’re set!
  • When you need to charge, just slide off the magnet from the back of your phone.

It holds on really well! And it works perfectly with my Apple silicone MagSafe case. I’m using a marbled PopSocket to match with my white case and black magnet. Love the chic and modern looks it gives – I’m obsessed! The best part is you can change your PopSocket whenever you’d like. 

MagSafe PopSocket Shake Test Video

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What’s so cool about the MagSafe feature is described by Apple “each piece magnetically snaps together like magic… Magnets align themselves perfectly every time for faster wireless charging.” I love how now I can take advantage of this awesome feature and use a PopSocket on my iPhone 12 Pro. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave me a comment or reach out to me here anytime.