Looking Ahead to 2021 + 3 Years of Graceful Glam

Looking ahead to 2021, and I can’t believe the unforgettable (and crazy) year of 2020 is coming to a close. Some days it feels like it’s been so long, and others it seems like living without social distancing was just yesterday. Although this year and time of our lives has definitely been trying for everyone, I feel that there has been a lot of positivity as well:

  • Technology and video chatting have been able to connect us to each other more than ever. Love being able to stream church from home – the virtual candlelight service was super fun! 
  • There’s no place like home 😉 Danny and I would love going on trips and eating out. But this year, we have had just as much fun staying home, cooking new healthy dishes, and making new memories. In fact, in January it will be an entire year of us making every meal at home. 
  • I’ve gained a bigger appreciation for even the smallest blessings. I should have been more thankful for toilet paper prior to 2020 😉 

January 8th will be 3 YEARS since I first launched Graceful Glam. Crazy to think how fast the time has flown by! My hope for Graceful Glam is that it brings some happiness to you and makes your life, makeup, and shopping easier. I truly love interacting with all of you and have so much fun being your SeneGence girl. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support! I feel that I have grown along with Graceful Glam over the years. From the best deals, to fashion trends, to life hacks…I intend to keep expanding and bettering my blog to make it the best resource for you.

At the end of each year I love to reflect on the highlights from the year and dream for next year. 2020 2019  

Some of my favorite highlights from 2020:

  1. Danny and I both turned 30.
  2. We installed hardwood flooring on our entire 3rd floor, installed pink kitchen pendants, and updated our bathroom.
  3. Zoomed Josh Groban at the VIP pre-show of his first ever virtual concert in June.
  4. Took a virtual trip to Italy for our 6-year wedding anniversary.
  5. Have been SO thankful for our produce and food deliveries and being able to work from home.
  6. Have had so much fun with virtual events: virtual gatherings, virtual church, chocolate tasting, wine tastings, escape rooms, Christmas concerts, Josh Groban concerts, spooky Pleasanton Ghost Walk.
  7. Started the Faith-Filled Friday minute-devotions on my blog.

What are your goals for 2021? Some of mine are:

  • Continue healthy eating – Danny got me a pink juicer for Christmas which I’m super excited about!
  • Continue expanding Graceful Glam.
  • Last year I made a conscience effort to purchase with intention, and it really made a difference. I’m going to keep it up this year.
  • Organize even more. 
  • Live life to the fullest and look for blessings everywhere.
  • Keep spending more time with God’s Word – excited about my new devotional to start this year and will continue Faith-Filled Fridays.
  • Keep up on my Peloton workouts. 

Wishing you a safe and happy 2021! 

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