LipSense Rosé Champagne Collection

SeneGence just dropped a brand-NEW Limited Edition LipSense Collection: The Rosé Champagne Collection. This collection is what dreams are made of … blush and sparkles. Sold individually and as a collection. Purchase the collection to receive a FREE White/Gold Glitter Bag* and a FREE Ooops! Remover. And in case you’re new to LipSense, here are all the reasons why I LOVE it. LipSense is a two-step smudge-proof lip color (color sealed with moisturizing gloss). No longer do you have to worry about your lip color smearing off when you eat,  drink, wear a mask, etc. It’s the best! If you have any questions, reach out to me any time.

Shop Here

*Please note, if White/Gold Glitter Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.

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