JOVS Venus Pro II Review

I love anything I can do at home. So I was more than excited when JOVS wanted to send me their at-home Venus Pro II IPL hair remover to review – thank you, JOVS! IPL (short for Intense Pulsed Light Therapy) is a hair removal process that uses light to cause hair regrowth to slow over time. As described by JOVS, the Venus Pro II IPL “combines optimal pulse technology (OPT), frequently used in cosmetics centers, with its medical-grade continuous pulse process and red light rejuvenation to break the cycle of hair regrowth for permanent hair reduction for flawlessly smooth and hairless skin.” 

JOVS Venus Pro II Review

What I like about it.

Right off the bat, the build quality of the hair remover is really nice, and I’m obsessed with the minimalist styling (to me it looks similar to a Dyson product). It’s also straight-forward to use. It has 6 different modes: arms, armpit, bikini, legs, face, and skin rejuvenation. Plus different intensity levels. I really like how the head swivels so that it makes it easier to place on the skin. Just a reminder to read the instructions before using and always wear the provided sunglasses during use for eye protection. It is also recommended to perform a small spot test on a spot of skin with the lowest level setting before using all over.

Using the JOVS Venus Pro II.

Using it is really simple, too. After shaving the hair away, I just put on the sunglasses, connect the power cord, select the setting I want, and switch the device on. Once the head is flat on my skin, I just press the button to create the super fast flash of light. Then I glide the head a little bit over and repeat until covering the desired area. The sapphire cooling is amazing because I can’t feel a thing when I use it! I started using it on my arms first. The instructions recommend using the device 3-4 times a week for the first month, and then 2-3 times a week for the following month, and then maintaining it once a month or so thereafter. 

Does it work?

IPL hair removal is a gradual process that works to slow hair growth over a period of time. That’s why I’m really excited about my results so far! Check out my before and after pictures below. I don’t think it’s my imagination that the hair seems to be growing in less dense. And this is only a month into using it (on level 1)! I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to see the progress even more as time goes on. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions. I think it would make for a great self-care gift 😉 

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