How to: Modern Fall Decor

I love decorating for Fall, but finding modern Fall decor that matches our house always seems to be a challenge; hence this simple DIY jack-o-lantern ‘how to.’ I like seasonal decorations to match with the natural design of the home to add a touch of the season without detracting from the overall home’s aesthetic. Years ago, Danny and I found this really good-quality LED jack-o-lantern from Costco and love placing it by the fireplace each Fall. We absolutely love the pumpkin, but haven’t been set on the orange color. I tried searching online for modern, white LED pumpkins to no avail. Until one night, we came up with the idea to paint it! It made for a super fun project and now we absolutely LOVE the pumpkin. It matches our house SO much better.

How To: Modern Fall Decor

  • Pick your pumpkin: If you already have one that needs a refresh, that’s perfect! This one is super similar to ours.
  • Pick your paint: We had recently ordered Behr’s Polar Bear white semi-gloss, and it went on SO well! Our pumpkin has a textured surface. We used a small foam roller to apply and an edged foam brush to touch up and paint the seams. You can definitely get creative and paint any color you’d like!
  • Tape off: We used painter’s tape to tape off the carved sections and the electronic panels in the back to protect from paint.
  • Paint: Have fun and paint! Using paint tripods helped us paint the base of the pumpkin.
  • Enjoy: Once it’s dry, remove the painter’s tape and enjoy your perfect pumpkin!

If you have any questions, let me know! I’d love to see your jack-o-lanterns 🙂 

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