How to Make Time for Dates

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Busy work schedules can make finding time for dates difficult. Having fun sharing time together is definitely important for relationships. So I wanted to share some ways Danny and I make time for dates and some of our easy date-night ideas:

  • Explore Target late at night. An easy way to incorporate date night into your busy schedule is to combine a date with your errands. One idea is to have a ‘date’ exploring Target. You can pick up your weekly items and have fun checking out new things at the store at the same time. We like to shop late at Target because the store is super quiet and it makes exploring easy and really fun. We love going out to dinner and then shopping at Target – super fun and checks off an errand at the same time 😉 We like checking out the board game section to find a new game to play for another date night. PS – I just found my new leopard shirt from our latest Target date night!
  • Make grocery shopping fun. We love grocery shopping together. We enjoy planning our weekly meals together and exploring the store. We also like to change up where we do our grocery shopping – Costco, Lucky, Whole Foods, Target, etc. – this gives you a variety of food options and lets you take advantage of the the best sales.
  • Have a game or movie night at home. After a busy work week, nothing beats staying in to watch a Hallmark movie at home or play a fun board game.
  • Make lunch/brunch a date. Dress up for fun and make your weekend lunch spot a date. Our new favorite place to go is City Center where you can grab a sandwich or burger and then check out the shops! It’s also fun to take some time after church to go out to a restaurant for brunch together.
  • Workout together. Exercising together is another great and healthy way to spend time together. Completing a challenging run or workout together is a great way to bond and great for your fitness.

What are some of your favorite ways to fit in a date in your busy schedule?

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