How to Make Money While You Shop – Ebates is legit!

If you want to save some money without having to completely give up your shopping habit, is definitely the way to go! Just in case you were worried, it’s not a scam – I’ve been using the website for just over 3 years now and have made over $700! Can’t believe how quickly the little amounts really do add up.

How it works: While you’re online shopping, you simply click through their site to the website that you want to shop on. When you make a purchase on a participating site, a percentage of your sale will go back on your Ebates account. Participating stores include Walmart, Tory Burch, The Pink Lily Boutique, QVC, Kate Spade, JCPenney, Macy’s, Best Buy, just to name a few. Ebates mails out checks 4 times a year, so your account keeps accumulating until your latest check is mailed out. And sometimes before they mail your check, they’ll email you asking if you want to opt for an online gift card to select retailers instead of a check – this case is awesome if you don’t want to wait and especially because some stores offer a bonus percentage on top of your amount! Also, I have the Ebates browser installed on Safari – it automatically lets you know if the site you’re shopping on offers Ebates, the percentage, and lets you click in the Ebates. It’s amazing!

When you join using my referral link, you’ll earn $10 with your first $25 purchase. It’s seriously amazing! Let me know what you think 🙂

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