How To Make Healthy and Easy Restaurant-Style Burritos

One of our favorite go-to-dinners lately is homemade burritos. It makes for a healthy, yet tasty, filling, and quick dinner – especially for those really long work nights! Here are the ingredients and steps that I do to make the burritos (you can always add/remove ingredients):

  • Start with a large flour tortilla.
  • Add some low-fat Organic Refried beans in middle of the tortilla.
  • Add rice on top of the beans – Love using Seeds of Change rice.
  • Dice a white onion and add on top of the rice.
  • Add some shredded Mexican-style cheese on top of the rice.
  • Roll the tortilla and ingredients up to form a burrito.
  • Toast the burrito(s) in a toaster oven until the tortilla is toasted. (Quick alternative – microwave the burrito for a minute.)
  • Top the burrito with fresh avacado and my favorite salsa from Target.
Even makes for a perfect meal to pack for Danny’s lunch at work

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