How to Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Look Real

I love the ease, style, and economical value of artificial tress. But one thing I don’t particularly like is the unrealistic base. So how can you make your fake Christmas tree look real? That’s where one of my favorite decorations that I’ve been using for 3 years comes into play: the Christmas tree hugger.


Fake Christmas tree base

How to Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Look Real

The invention is genius! I first heard about it on Shark Tank. I love how basic the concept is and how well it works! All you do is wrap the printed neoprene material around the base of your fake Christmas tree. It stays together with velcro. I always use the natural bark side, but if you want a fun candy-cane theme, it’s dual-sided. And ta-da! That’s it. The Christmas Tree Hugger totally cleans up and hides the artificial base of your tree and gives a much more realistic aesthetic. I’m totally obsessed! I also love this Christmas tree that we got a couple years back from Walmart. I love the slim style for fitting in smaller crevices to make a big statement. What do you think? And yes, we already have our Christmas trees up! I couldn’t wait any longer and figured why not enjoy the season even longer this year. If you have any questions, reach out anytime.

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Christmas tree hugger

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