How to Easily Personalize Your Space Without Overdoing It

I would say that our house is a combination of rustic glam and modern elements. With pops of pink, of course. 😉 Adding personal touches to a home design is key. I like to do it in a subtle way so that it doesn’t detract from the overall design aesthetic, but instead enhances it. For instance, can you find all the personal nods in the design above? The answer is below in the mockup:

  • Highlight your name in the design. One fun way to add some personal flair is to incorporate initial decor. The marquee-light “S” that I found at Target a while ago works perfectly as a mantel piece to highlight our last name.
  • Incorporate a favorite verse, quote, or saying. I balanced out the other side of the floating mantel with the wood art of the Bible verse that we highlighted at our wedding … Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). DaySpring has an amazing selection of wood block art, and that’s where ours is from.
  • Showcase a favorite photo. Next, we found a really unique frame on one of our vacations and put one of my favorite pictures of us in it. The color scheme matches the house’s color palette, and I love seeing the photo on our cabinet – it brings back so many amazing memories!
  • Incorporate your favorite color or an accent color.  I think a home design wouldn’t be complete without a pop of color. I love designing with pale pink. It plays off of the black, grey, white, and deep brown tones. Since it’s my all-time fave color, it definitely makes for a personal touch.

I linked to some similar items to what I have here. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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