How to Easily Decorate Your House For Spring!

I love Spring time – it’s so pretty outside and it’s the perfect time to give your house a little refresh! I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips for easily transforming your space for Spring and Easter without breaking the bank or creating a lot of decorations to store in the future. Shop the images above – Lots of great deals right now!

  • Bright and light faux floral arrangement. Switched our white flower arrangement for a new pink one we found at HomeGoods. It brings Spring blooms into your house without the hassle or worry about keeping them alive 😉 You can also add faux florals to your front porch, especially with a bright, floral wreath.
  • Light-colored coasters. Just stored away our dark coasters in our coffee table to bring back out for Winter time and put out our new coasters from Williams Sonoma (they’re currently 20% off with free shipping!). Love how the white marble brings in bright Spring vibes.
  • Light-colored pillows and throws. Now’s a great time to store away your dark throws and pillows and pull out your bright-colored ones. The white fur ones bring texture to our couch while bringing white into our design. Found them at Anthropologie, and they’re on a great deal right now! I use a large basket next to our couch to store throws and pillows – makes for an easy way to add a design element as well as storage to your space.
  • Treat your doggie to Easter or Spring toys. Your pet’s toys end up being part of your decor, so why not make it match your style? We like to get our little one holiday toys that we bring out for him during the holiday season. When the holiday is over (and as long as the toy is still in tact), you can store them away to bring out for next year.
  • Kitchen Towels. One way to easily infuse Spring into your kitchen is by changing out your normal kitchen towels to some cute, Spring and Easter ones. When the season is over, you can store them away for next time.
  • Spring hand soap. You can bring in the scent of Spring in your hand soap. Treat yourself to some Bath and Body Works soap or some fresh floral scents. Soap is an easy, cheap, and dispensable way to decorate for Spring – so you won’t have to worry about storing anything for next year. Your guests will love the fresh, Spring hand soap if you update in your bathrooms as well.
  • Spring candles. Another way to infuse Spring into your house is with fun candles. I love this one from Bath and Body Works – it really smells like chocolate! It’s also dispensable, so you don’t need to worry about having space to store for next year. I also love Luminara candles! They’re battery operated with a moving flame – so you never have to worry about a real flame and you can keep them out year-round.

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