Easy and Cheap Way to Refresh Your Furniture

A super easy and cheap way to refresh your furniture is to simply switch out the hardware. Oftentimes, the actual furniture piece can be given a whole new look and feel just by adding on some new knobs! It saves you from having to get a whole new piece and makes for a fun project. Right now, gold and black hardware is totally on trend – which I LOVE!

Recently Danny and I have been refreshing our bathroom. We’re transitioning it into having gold hardware with a modern design mixed with pink, black, and white as the main color tones. I’m super excited to show you when we finish everything! Last night we had fun changing out the pulls on our side table and cabinets in our bathroom. The black pulls originally came with the table that we had gotten from Home Goods a long time ago – we wanted to give the table a new, modern feel – hence the new gold knobs! Found these on Amazon, and the quality, color, and price is AMAZING! They turned out even better than I expected.

Here’s the before:

And after:

Here’s another piece that we were going to part with until I had the idea to swap out the knobs – gives it a whole new look!

Gold knobs

Tips for Swapping Cabinet Hardware

  • Check: Before purchasing your new knobs, make sure to take into account the pre-existing holes and knobs your cabinet already has. If you already have pulls with two holes, a single knob will show a hole. If your cabinets don’t have pulls, you have a blank slate and can add any that you’d like! They also make guides for drilling holes.
  • Measure: Before ordering your knobs, make sure to measure the holes that already pre-drilled. That will be the center-to-center measurement and will make sure you get the correct size knobs. Our house cabinets have a 3″ center.
  • Color: Also don’t forget to take into account what finish will look best for the design you’re trying to achieve. A brushed finish has a different look and feel than a shiny chrome finish. There are endless finishes which makes it so fun!
  • Touch up: Our Home Goods piece had the pre-existing knobs screwed in and glued. So a little piece of the finish came off when we removed them. I easily fixed it, by using a dark permanent marker. If you have a wood marker or even a marker that matches your wood, it should do the trick.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’d love to help 🙂 Here are the knobs we used:

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