Dogs never live long enough. I love you, Winslow!

It’s true what they say. Dogs never live long enough. As I wipe back tears from my swollen eyes, I can’t believe I’m typing these words. I thought that by not putting it into writing, it somehow wouldn’t be real. In the afternoon of Thursday, June 13th, Winslow (my yorkie brother) went to Heaven. It’s been extremely heartbreaking for my entire family. Winslow is such a huge part of our family. He made us fall in love with him, yorkies and small doggies (he’s the reason Danny and I got Teddy). Teddy and Winslow were the OG little dog buddies of our family, and Teddy has learned so much from him. In fact, we all have learned so much from him.

Winslow has been the definition of true love and loyalty. He’s been my mom’s best little friend for just over 16 years. He was there when my sister and I were picked up from school. He was there when we learned to drive, when we got married, when my precious niece was born, and at every gathering. He’s been there for so many important life events. I’m having trouble grasping that he won’t be here on earth for future ones, but I know that it’s just a “see you later.” He’s now watching everything from up above. 

As sad as I am, I’m trying to focus on all that he blessed us with these past 16 years and the lessons he taught us. And most importantly, he’s all healed now. He has been the ultimate example of never giving up. No matter what health issues he faced, he never let it stop him. He persevered and enjoyed life to the fullest. He’s the toughest dog I’ve known.

My heart aches from missing him. Things will never be the same. But thankfully his memory will live on forever. My heart aches especially for my parents who gave him the best life and took the ultimate care of him. He has left an emptiness behind. I pray for comfort. Dogs bring immeasurable joy, but it’s so hard when they have to leave us. If I’ve learned anything from Winslow, it’s that God blesses us through many ways – and a dog is one of my favorite ways – and to not take any moment for granted. Life certainly goes by way too fast.

Winslow, thank you for everything!! Until we hang out again, Sitter loves and misses you more than you’ll ever know.

If you have a doggie or pet, please don’t forget to give them an extra hug and treat.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime here. I’d love it!

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