Decorating a Small Entryway

Not everything has to be big to make a big statement, and that especially goes for decorating a small entryway. Entryways make for a home’s first impression, so they play an important role in a home’s overall design. It may seem more challenging, but you can definitely pack a big design punch in a small space. Recently Danny and I just finished decorating our entryway, and it’s easily become one of my favorite spaces in the house. It’s been so fun to see my design come to life. Check out my 5 tips for decorating a small entryway below.

My Entryway Decor:

Here are my 5 tips for decorating a small entryway

  • Use a mirror to give the illusion of more space: When it comes to adding a mirror, I say the bigger the better. A mirror instantly opens up the space which is what a smaller space needs. Plus a mirror in an entryway is the perfect location if you need a place for a quick touch up before heading out the door.
  • Less is best: Filling a small space with too much will make the space seem too busy and even smaller. Instead, I like to focus on a few key decor items that bring joy while allowing the wall’s clean lines to be visible. This makes the space feel more open.
  • Functional pieces: With a smaller space, every square inch matters. I try to design with aesthetic and functionality in mind. Hence this basket in the center of the console table that also serves to hold Teddy’s leash for walks. We can also store our shoes for quick access on the lower shelf of the table.
  • Narrow furniture: With a small space, finding narrow pieces lets there be the most possible walking space. This is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but safer. Finding narrow furniture can definitely be a challenge, however. After a lot of shopping research, I was elated to find this beautiful narrow console table that was exactly what I pictured. And here’s a budget-friendly look-alike.
  • Keep the colors simple and not busy: As far as color palettes and patterns go, I trend toward simple neutrals with a pop of color (which is of course my favorite: pale pink). My pop of color in the entryway is in the blush candlesticks. By adding just a little bit of color (or one area with pattern), the space doesn’t get overcrowded with competing colors and designs.

Narrow Entryway Tables


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