Color Club Nail Polish Review

Color Club nail polish is my newest nail obsession. I’ve been dying to tell all about it. Before sharing my Color Club Nail Polish review with you, I tested a couple different Color Club lacquers, including the glitter one, to see what it’s all about. Long story short: I fell in love with Color Club during my nail polish test drive.

Color Club Nail Polish Review

About Color Club

In case you haven’t heard of Color Club before, here is some background information. They are a female-founded (1979), owned and operated company. They make their products in the US at their headquarters in New York. They were originally created for salons and nail professionals, but quickly became available to the public. Their products are made using quality raw materials and are vegan-friendly as well as cruelty-free. Not to mention they have 300+ shades.

Application Process

All the shades of Color Club I tried went on noticeably smoothly and easy! I only applied two coats for my manicures and pedicures, and my nail polish lasted several days to a week with no chips (and I wash my hands a TON). The polish also air-dried surprisingly quickly! It seemed to dry faster than other brands I’ve used which is a huge plus. 

Removal Process

Just as easy as it was to apply, it was easy to remove! I used my FAVE non-toxic nail polish remover wipes, and they did the trick. I have to admit, removing the glitter coat was more challenging, but still doable with the wipes (and not any more challenging than other glitter coats I’ve worn in the past).

Fave nail polish remover wipe

Where to Buy Color Club Nail Polish

Amazon and Walmart both sell Color Club.

Can’t thank Color Club enough for sending all of these gorgeous nail lacquer shades to me.

Disclaimer: everything in this blog post is my personal opinion. 

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