Blogging Full-Time: A Year Later

Full Time Blogger

I can’t believe it: August 15, 2023 marked exactly one year since I started working full-time on Graceful Glam By Danielle. I still feel like I need to pinch myself. I am beyond grateful that my career is literally my dream job. Years ago pursuing Graceful Glam full-time was only a distant dream. It all began back in January of 2018. Little did I know then that having the courage to start my fun little hobby, was the crucial first step in a long staircase that would lead me to living my wildest dream: to work for myself full-time. 

What I’m Wearing

Looking Back

Since starting in 2018, I’ve continued to work tirelessly: I used to work my full-time day job and then devoted time after work to my side hustle, all while being the best wife and doggie mommy I could be. At that time, Danny’s long work commute made for really late nights and provided me with time to explore different avenues of Graceful Glam – from holding SeneGence live sales to trying out my first mirror selfie to even producing my own podcast. Looking back, those were all steps in the staircase that have led me and Graceful Glam by Danielle to where it is today. The more I worked on my side hustle, the more I yearned for making it my full-time career and the farther along the staircase I moved.

In August of 2022, I took the plunge to step away from my full-time job of 9+ years to pursue my dream of working on my blog full-time. It definitely wasn’t an easy decision as I truly loved my job and devoted so much of myself and time to it. I’m a strong proponent of online schooling so working for an online school way before ‘remote learning’ was a necessary part of life was exciting and fulfilling. After a lot of praying, God made the decision super clear that it was time for me to move on; when He closes one door, another one opens. I learned that if you never take the chance, you may miss out on your opportunity. So I took the step of faith.

How I Got Here

Being my own boss is such a blessing – I absolutely love it! But at the same time, self-employment comes with its own unique set of challenges. I LOVE the flexibility of working for myself. I get to set my own hours, work where I want to work, and focus on what I want to focus on. Since I’m my own boss, I don’t have to ask anyone for time off, but I also don’t get paid time off so to speak – however, the cool thing about my business is that it has different streams of income – including passive. That means that even if I’m not actively working, I can still be making money. I work around the clock (even when we go on a trips or on weekends) , but the best part is I truly love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like work. And it’s such a blessing to be able to figure out the work-life balance that works for me and our family.

Being a business owner definitely requires a lot of hard work, self-motivation, responsibility and knowledge. I must depend on myself to keep all facets of Graceful Glam by Danielle relevant and up and running: such as keeping current with tax laws, affiliate program rules, website coding, graphic design, debugging, hosting, constantly researching and learning, and staying up on the latest trends. Being a business owner has helped me to really grow and challenge myself – which I am so thankful for! Every work day looks different for me, and my job as a blogger is made up of so many roles which I truly enjoy: I’m a content creator, fashion/makeup/home decor influencer, website manager, graphic designer and video editor, photographer, videographer, social media networker, marketing/ad ambassador, writer/editor, bookkeeper, administrative assistant, virtual shopper, researcher, and product tester. But most importantly, I hope my little online space serves you with positivity and happiness because that is my ultimate goal! To make life a little easier for you and bring joy (and lots of pink, of course ?). My favorite part of all is communicating with you on the daily!

If you never start day oneone day will never happen.


How Graceful Glam by Danielle Has Grown

When I first started, I was extremely nervous to record myself let alone go live for a Facebook Live. But taking one step at a time and with a lot more experience along the way, I’ve become comfortable with talking on camera and going live on a regular basis and I actually enjoy it! Just last week, I hosted three Amazon livestreams, with one being over 40 mins. Since taking my business full-time, I’ve noticed that working on it full-time really makes a difference in growth as opposed to working on it just as a hobby. For instance, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with so many more brands. It’s been so much fun! One of my favorites was hosting a livestream on TalkShopLive for FluffCo. I’ve also been expanding my presence on Amazon here and have been designing my own pieces as well. I’ve set a schedule for my instagram – from Monday Motivation reels to Let’s Talk Thursday chats that I hope bring happiness to anyone watching. I’ve also been able to have more time to devote to virtual shopping to save time for people- if there’s something I can help you shop for, just let me know anytime and I’ll give you options.


The staircase I’m on is a metaphor for achieving goals. Taking one step at a time is key. From what I’ve experienced, starting and growing a business can be very scary. But oftentimes, it’s the things that scare us the most, that we need to give a try. And just as it is scary, it is fulfilling and rewarding. Success definitely doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, it may takes years and years of hard work and determination for it to show. I’ve learned to not give up hope and to not grow weary looking at how big the staircase is; instead focus on the step right in front of you. Because eventually all those steps lead you to where you want to go.

What’s to Come

I’m excited to see where the next year takes me and Graceful Glam. I plan to continue to bring you lots and lots more to make life easier. Stay tuned as the busiest time of the year is rolling in: holiday season. I’ll be your go-to-girl for all things holiday shopping and decorating! If there’s ever anything I can help you find, a question you have, or you just want to say hello, please reach out to me anytime! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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