7 Things I’ve learned About Marriage in 7 Years

10/12/14 seems like just yesterday. Danny and I were just two young 24-year-olds setting out together on the adventure called life. Our wedding day was so magical and went by in a blink of an eye. I feel like the days, weeks, years together have gone by just the same. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 years since we said “I do.” If I’ve learned anything during our marriage it’s to never take true love for granted and to always follow your heart. While I’m no marriage expert, I absolutely love being married and thought it would be fun to reflect on 7 things I’ve learned about marriage in 7 years:

7 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage in 7 Years

1. Marriage is fun.

I know it’s obvious, but being able to hang out with your life-long companion is definitely fun and joyous. Encouraging each other, sharing in each other’s interests, and experiencing things together for the first time is fun. Danny and I both genuinely enjoy each other’s company and share similar interests which makes it really easy to have fun together. We can enjoy a board game just as much as discussing our next house project. 

7 Things I've learned About Marriage
October 12, 2014

2. Marriage is giving.

Marriage entails giving to your spouse, and that’s the magic of love. Sacrificing and giving for another’s well-being. We give each other love, care, emotional support, encouragement, joy, gifts, and the list goes on. Danny has always made me feel super special from the little things like surprising me with treats, taking care of me, making me laugh, saving my favorite frozen burritos for me when we run low, making my coffee in the morning, and always being there. To be honest, there’s too much to list. 

1st wedding anniversary

3. Marriage is exciting.

Navigating life together is exciting. As we know, life is unpredictable. But planning for our future, solving today’s problems, and enjoying adventures together makes for an exciting love story.

2nd wedding anniversary

4. Marriage is challenging – in the best way

I’d be crazy if I didn’t say marriage was challenging. Meshing two totally different people together is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. However, it is completely possible. That’s where the good challenges come into play. Learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses helps to challenge and build the relationship. Oftentimes where one lacks, the other may excel at.   

7 Things I've learned About Marriage

5. Marriage is fulfilling.

I’m so thankful that God gave us the gift of marriage. Being able to grow together and experience life side-by-side with your soulmate is a dream come true. 

6. Marriage is fleeting.

Unfortunately marriage, just like time, is fleeting. It goes by way too fast. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. That’s why I like to enjoy each and every stage.

7 Things I've learned About Marriage

7. Marriage is important and worth it.

Having a Christ-centered marriage where you keep your marriage and spouse at the forefront is a huge key to a successful marriage. I also feel that having fun and excitement, giving and challenging each other, all while enjoying the fleeting time you share is a recipe for a great marriage. I whole-heartedly believe that listening to your heart and marriage is definitely worth it.

Happy 7th Anniversary, Danny! I love you!! 

What are your secrets for a happy relationship and marriage? Let me know below. Feel free to reach out to me anytime here.

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