6 Ways to Style Leggings

Leggings are perfect for staying and working at home! So why not be comfortable and feel great by dressing up your leggings a little?! (These are the ones that I LIVE in.) The amount of ways to style leggings is literally limitless. Here are my 6 super simple ways to style your favorite leggings.

6 Ways to Style Leggings

  1. Comfy pullover. Stay cool and casual and pair your leggings with your favorite pullover for a really easy look.
Nordstro Pullover and Beyond Yoga Leggings

2. Sweater. This look is perfect for chilly days and your work video meeting.

Sweater and Leggings

3. Over-sized stretchy top. Dress up your comfortable leggings with flowy, solid top that is equally as comfortable.

4. Patterned tank top. Spice up your solid leggings with a animal print tank top – stylish and practical at the same time.

Beyond Yoga Leggings and Leopard Print Top

5. Graphic tee. Finish off your look with your fave graphic tee. I love my ‘Blogger Babe’ tee from Pink Lily. Knot oversized tees at the bottom corner for a new look.

Blogger Babe

6. Plain black top. Can’t go wrong with black! It gives a sophisticated look while pairing well with leggings. Another great work-at-home outfit option.

Beyond Yoga Leggings with Black Tee

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share your favorite way to wear leggings in the comments below. 

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