30 days until 30

Today is April 2 – which means there are only 30 days left in my 20’s – yikes LOL! To be honest, with the uncertainty of the world that we live in, I haven’t even been thinking much about my upcoming birthday. I’m sure this birthday will be unique and one to remember, though. 

During this unprecedented time, I’m taking each day armed with faith, a lot of prayers, and a grateful heart. As I look forward to my thirties, I’m reflecting on all of the amazing memories that I’ve made, everything that I’m thankful for, and excitement for what lies ahead.

As I reflect, here are 30 things that I’m thankful for:

  1. Jesus 
  2. My family
  3. The best husband 
  4. My furbaby 
  5. You – if you’re reading this blog, I’m super thankful for you!
  6. All essential workers who are bravely working for our country.
  7. Church – love being able to stream from home. 
  8. Our home
  9. Our neighborhood – thankful for amazing neighbors and a beautiful area to live in and walk around.
  10. Food – the current times have really helped me to be incredibly thankful for food.
  11. Power – living through the power shutoffs last year taught me to never take power for granted and to expect the unexpected.
  12. Produce delivery – Hi5 Produce is amazing if you’re looking for one. It’s fun to see what comes in your box and to cook with new foods.
  13. My job – I’m so blessed with my co-workers and to be able to work from home all-the-time. I love it!
  14. Graceful Glam 🙂 
  15. Online shopping
  16. All of my Apple  devices   
  17. Social Media – using it to uplift and connect others, especially now.
  18. My coloring Bible and devotional
  19. High-speed Internet
  20. LipSense and SeneGence – LipSense and ShadowSense are seriously game-changers, and I love everything SeneGence. The gold-peel face mask is amazing. 
  21. Living in California – where the first stay-at-home order was enforced.
  22. Peloton – love being able to bike, run, dance, etc. from home anytime.
  23. The trips we enjoyed before this crazy time.
  24. PureFlix, NetFlix, Philo, and Hulu
  25. Our fireplace – nothing beats hanging out by it on a cold, rainy day.
  26. My Dyson hair products – don’t know how I did my hair before LOL.
  27. My pink cooking pans – they come clean like magic! Danny and I have so much fun learning new meals together.
  28. Board games – I’m always game for a board game date night.
  29. Music – it’s how I love to worship, relax, and sing along.  I have so much fun playing the piano and love karaoke – especially Josh Groban songs.
  30. The coffee Danny makes – it’s SO good!

Taking the time to write down your blessings is a really great way to focus on the positive. During this season, don’t forget to keep up the faith, stay home, and stay safe! As they say, “This too shall pass.” 

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