29 Things About Me

Can’t believe I’m 29 – time really flies! Although I’m sad that this is my last birthday in my 20’s, I’m excited to enter my 30’s next year. I’m looking forward to the next stage of life and am so thankful for everything God has blessed me with. The older I get, the more I realize that age is only a number that we can’t control, so the sooner we embrace it, the more we can enjoy life even more. For some reason society seems to only celebrate youth. I think that all ages, especially the wisdom, experience, and maturity that come along with aging should really be celebrated. In honor of turning 29, I thought it’d be fun to share 29 things about me that you may or may not know:

  1. Starting a business was one of my life dreams, and I’m beyond thankful for starting Graceful Glam and for all of you that have made my dream possible! My hope is that it brings some happiness to you.
  2. One of my favorite things to do is go to church and then go out to eat.
  3. I’m a born and raised California girl living in the Bay Area.
  4. I love being married and am blessed with the best husband. We’ve been married for 4.5 years – it goes by too fast! Our wedding date is easy to remember: 10/12/14
  5. My husband and I almost have the exact same name – Daniel and Danielle! And yes, we get mixed up a lot 😉
  6. I’m 5’4″ (11 inches shorter than Danny).
  7. I’m obsessed with the color pink – I’ve decorated with blush way before it was popular 😉
  8. I love running and biking on my Peloton Tread and bike. As of now, I’ve ridden over 300 rides on my bike.
  9. I could spend all day shopping at Anthropologie and HomeGoods.
  10. I live on all of my Apple devices – the Apple watch is my favorite.
  11. I absolutely love my little morkie baby – he’s my buddy and best doggie! Love our daily mile-long walks together.
  12. Nothing beats watching a Hallmark love movie.
  13. I love makeup and fashion! It’s so much fun, and I love sharing styling tips and great deals.
  14. I’m addicted to LipSense – I can’t even pick a favorite color because I have so many.
  15. One of my favorite things to do is to explore while on vacation with my boys.
  16. My all-time favorite Bible verse is Matthew 19:26 – “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”
  17. I’ve been a die-hard Josh Groban fan for over 12 years.
  18. I graduated as Valedictorian of my HS class. I also have a BA in Psychology.
  19. I love my job which combines my passion for technology and education.
  20. There’s nothing better than spending time with family.
  21. My favorite type of wine is Cabernet Sauvignon – especially a 2015 from Napa valley.
  22. Costco and Chick-Fil-A make for a perfect day.
  23. Fall is my favorite season. Nothing beats staying warm by the fire on a chilly night.
  24. I love home decor and decorating. We did our own accent wall, backyard, and I came up with the idea to put pink curtains behind our bed as a design style — and now curtains behind beds is a style on Pinterest ;). HGTV is one of my favorite TV channels.
  25. I enjoy KonMari-ing, organizing, and donating what we don’t need.
  26. I’m not a good singer, but I love to sing constantly around the house. I’m usually listening to and singing Christian music or Josh Groban.
  27. I’m obsessed with escape rooms! They’re so much fun.
  28. My favorite food to cook is pasta topped with lots of veggies.
  29. I can’t live without my Dyson hair dryer and Airwrap.

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